Message To My Fellow Bramptonians!​

Hi Bramptonians!!!
Communities play a big role in making a city. My objective is to engage the community in resolving issues and eventually, regain the reputation of Brampton.
Do you want to stay in Brampton….. Let’s join hands to clean it up.

Are you a part of social club/organization? Let’s work together to build a strong community, a strong city and secure bright future.

Recent Debates

Suport Vijay Mair in…

Community Education, Seminars & Implement City Policies.
Collaborating with the Public and All Levels of Government in Order to Gain Sight of the Bigger Picture & Plan Accordingly.
Analyze, Brainstorm and Provide Solutions for Safe and courteous Driving.
Work with All Levels of Government to Facilitate Provisions to Meet Healthcare Needs.
Increasing Community Involvement and Education whilst Working on City Policies to Take Necessary Steps.
Affordable Housing, Designated Residence and Hostels for Students Reducing Stress on Already Established Infrastructure.
Universities, Schools, Colleges to Meet Population Growth.
Effectively utilizing Tax Dollars

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